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Grammarly Review

Chris Rosser reviews Grammarly, a popular grammar checking service, and asks if the premium subscription is worth it for writers and editors.

Scrivener Fundamentals

After announcing his guide to Scrivener two months ago, Chris finally get around to writing the first post. For this instalment, he covers Scrivener's user interface and some of its fundamental concepts and features.

App Review: iA Writer 5

I return to iA Writer to review version 5, having previously set it aside in favour of Ulysses. I'm very impressed, and I make a surprising admission along the way.

App review: Beorg for iOS

I rant about task management, review an interesting but flawed IOS app beorg, and ask myself if Emacs and Org-mode is too deep a rabbit warren for the average writer to fall into.

App review: OmniOutliner

I review OmniOutliner for macOS, and ask the question 'can it add the outlining features I need to Ulysses or is it better to stick with Scrivener?'